Siddhagiri Gramjivan and Rashi Udyan

Day 1: Pune > Siddhagiri > Stavnidhi > Kothali > Khidrapur > Kuntugiri
Day 2: Kuntugiri  > Ramlingh Tirth > Ichalkarnji > Kumbhoj
Day 3: Kumbhoj > Audumbar > Pune
Clocked 700+ KMs

Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum (Kaneri Math)

How to reach: Pune To Siddhagiri Museum- Pass Kolhapur and continue on NH4. After Gokul Shirgaon MIDC leave NH4 and Take right from overbridge. Proceed to Shree Kshtra Sidhdhagiri Math - 4/5kms.
Distance from Pune: 239 km – About 4/4.5 hours
Ticket: 40 Rs
Time of visit: May 2011

2 Kms before the entrance there a nice statue- only place where you click photo.

It has huge car parking facility. The entrance to museum is grand with miniature town model on the right.

Once you buy a 40Rs ticket you enter an underground tunnel where model of different ancinet sages are kept with complete information. Scenes of Ekalavya, Ayryabhatta, Prepartion of Ayurvedic medicines, Ancient Surgery among others really standout. There should be at least 30 such different topics covered.

The second block is traditional outdoor village display- outside. You get to see life size model of various stages of farming, shepherds with sheeps and cows grazing complete with a dog roaming around and crow sitting on buffalos head singing in cranky voice. Intricate details on buffalos like their shining eyes, veins in the body or dirty knees are worth observing. In one scence where boys seeming to enjoying playing marbles it was amazing to see the shirt of a boy almost in swaying motion.

The last block is Village Indoors. This showcases different aspects of Gramjivan (village life). There were 12 ALUTEDARS (12 main profession-based castes i.e. Professions performed from generation to generations by families) and 18 BALUTEDARS, who provided equipments to all villagers to fulfill their day-to-day necessities.

All of these are depicted like - Goldsmith, Coppersmith, Grocer, Weaver, Fisherman, Landlord, Joshi etc in their typical home environment. It has a boxing ring- Oil mill (Tel Ghana), akhada, a traditional vada bullock cart and all. The museum is spread over 7 acres and has almost 80 scenes which showcase more than 300 statues.

While some say the statues are made of wax while others say they are of cement. Whatever they are so realistic with fine carving, colourful and with detail features that cannot be simply expressed. Unfortunately photography is not allowed...But it’s worth visit.

There is also good facility for refreshments. We enjoyed some ice-creams.

Rashi Udyan
The Rashi Udyan is in front of the museum. This has sculptures of all the Sun signs and short description about each of them. At entrance of park, there is sculpture of bullock cart and a photographer clicking it. Again photography is prohibited.