Ramlingh Tirth

Day 1: Pune > Siddhagiri > Stavnidhi > Kothali > Khidrapur > Kuntugiri
Day 2: Kuntugiri > Ramlingh Tirth > Ichalkarnji > Kumbhoj
Day 3: Kumbhoj > Audumbar > Pune
Clocked 700+ KMs

Where: Near Ichalkaranji, off Hatkalgne (Around 30 KMs from Kolhapur)
How to reach: There’s diversion on on Kolhapur to Sangli highway. Follow the road signs. It is few kms ahead of Kuntugiri somewhat at the hill top.
Time of visit: May 2011

This is a very old temple in the foothills of Alate. It is said that Lord Shri Ram had been to this place in his 14 years if exile. The water pours continuously on the shivlingh which is situated in the Cave.

There is small pond in front of the temple. The architecture of the this temple resembles to that of Ratta and Chalukyan Period and there is a Jod Nandi [Twin Cow] idol at the entrance of the cave.

There some historic carvings of idols and some inscriptions too.

After visiting Ramlingh Tirth we proceeded to Ichalkarnji.


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