Kothali (Shantigiri)

Day 1: Pune > Siddhagiri > Stavnidhi  > Kothali > Khidrapur > Kuntugiri
Day 2: Kuntugiri > Ramligh Tirth > Ichalkarnji > Kumbhoj
Day 3: Kumbhoj > Audumbar > Pune
Clocked 700+ KMs

Shantinath Digmbar Jain Temple
Where: 8 Kms Off Nipani, Taluka. Chikodi (Around 50/55 kms from Kolhapur)
How to reach: 5-6 Kms before Stavndi take a right into Nipani Village. Pass Pattankuddi and Kuthali village and Proceed to Kothali. The Roads were in bad shape when I visited. Also the road sign are all in local language.
Time of visit: May 2011, 2006
Lodging-Boarding facilities are available

(On the way fro Nipani- View of Pattankudi village)

From Sidhagiri Museum we proceed to Tavndi. After Darshan we proceed to Kothali. It is the birth place of one of the revered Jain saints called Acharya Deshbhushan Maharaj.

This is a huge temple complex on the top of hill built in late seventies.

There is a 21 feet high statue of Bhagvan Shantinath in standing posture with idols of 19 feet high Bhagvan Chnadraprabhu and Bhagvan Mahavir on either side.

Samvasaran Mandir: It is housed in a 20 feet hall with colored glasswork depicting the creation of Samvasaran.

Nandishwar Mandir: It is housed in a 30 by 30 feet hall having 5 artificial hillocks having 52 idols of brass in Padamasan postures.

Lotus temple: it is an octangular hall where the idols of 24 Tirthankars are installed. The Mulnayak of this temple is Bhagwan Padamparbhu in the center in standing posture. The other 23 tirthankars are in padamasan postures. (4) 17 feet High marble idol of Bhagwan Parsvanath with shade of 7 hoods on a lotus seat under the open sky.

After Darshan we had a peaceful meal under a chikoo tree we preceded to our next destination Khidrapur.