Ranjan Khalge or Potholes of Nighoj

Along with Morachi Chincholi we went to visit Rajan Khalge.

Asia’s largest natural gigantic potholes in riverbed of Kukdi near Nighoj is an archeological site recorded in the Guinness Book of World records. This is a geographical phenomenon where the pebbles that are carried by the river get locked in the cracks developed in the basalt rock riverbed. These pebbles, which rotate due to the water current, form pot shaped cavities in the basalt rock over the hundreds of years.

The interiors of potholes are smooth and regular. The miracle resembling the rock sculptures are are on the riverbed and the narrow walls of gorge through which river flows.

The Gorge is just about 2-3 kms in length and is hardly visible from a distance. The fascinating formations with its looks of a canyon, would give you a chilling thought how mars or moons surface might be.

Over the years the depth of these potholes has increased and villagers tell us that they could be even more than 100 feet deep at few spots. There is small temple of “Malganga” on the bank on this river.

Nighoj is just 90 kms from Pune, off Pune Ahmednagar Road and the Kund Devi is another 2 kms from Nighoj. If you are visiting Morachi Chincholi and doing this excursion this is around 20 kms through internal roads.

Avoid monsoons as the gushing water would hide the giganticness of these potholes. The trip can be combined with Rajangaon Ganpati too.

Morachi Chincholi, Rajangaon.

-July 19, 2008


  1. Wow! a nice photo
    Mohan Kawad

  2. this is nice place i visited there!! the patholes is gift of nature! its wonderful!!!


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