Morachi Chincholi

Nach re Mora Ambyachya Vanat...
From my childhood days I always wondered - do ever peacocks dance or is it just the song? The Peshve Park peacocks always looked so cramped in that cage that it always kept me guessing if they could really blow up their feathers in that cage. I had never experienced this. The dream finally came true last Sunday. Morachi Chincholi is a rustic village which is sort of natural peacock sanctuary. It is home for over more 2,500 peacocks.

How to reach: From Swargate its approx 45KMs drive. On Pune-Ahmednagar highway after Shikrapur cross the bridge and in next chauk itself, watch for signboard on left turn for Pabal phata. Take this turn, travel further for 200 mts and again take a left turn to Kanhur Mesai village passing Hivre village and drive up to Kanhur Mesai village, which is around 15KMs from this chauk. After Kanhur Mesai, take a left from big tamrind tree towards Morachi Chincholi which is hardly the distance of 3KMs. Morachi Chincholi Arch welcomes you on the right.

We started at 6.45 am and reached the village by 7.30 am. I had checked up with this guy called Dattatrya Thopte and he was waiting for us near the gate. He had already called me twice to check that I was indeed coming. He owns a farm out there. Immediately he took us in the farms and we could see several peacocks roaming here and there. 2-3 peacocks were dancing with all feathers completely opened up. It said that the peacock dances up to 1-1.5 hours once he opens up all his feathers! Did you ever know that when peoacock actually opens its feather there this - khad khad khad noise? My gosh this was simply amazing! We watched two peacocks dancing and sun bathing for 20-25 minutes from a spot near his well. After that we continued exploration till almost 9AM. It was so beautiful to see peacocks flying from trees and roaming freely in the fields. After that we had a hearty breakfast-Pohe and Bhaji at Dattatrya’s wada. Then along with another family who had also checked in on same day, we all went to Nighoj. After seeing the famous Rajan Khalge we went to see Sardar Pawar’s Wada and Somnath Temple. Later we enjoyed a sumptious meal- Zunka, Chuli varchya bhakri, Mirchi-danya cha kharda andi javaschi tup chatni, tur chi bhaji. We all were tired and relaxed under the peepal tree. Late afternoon we again tracked down few peacocks. They offered coconut as per their tradition. The bombshell: About the charges, Dattarya and his family said we need to keep the money in front of the God whatever we thought was appropriate. It didn’t really matter whatever we kept. They even called back in the evening to check whether we had reached safely.

I was deeply moved to see how these simple people lived, kept a complete faith in humanity and struggle to preserve our tradition. It was far far away from the material world running like crazy after money!

Best time to visit this magical splendor is from June to December. Well rather I would say ASAP before this place gets commercialized and it looses the charm of its rural simplicity.

Dattarya's Website:
Krishi Paryatan Kendra:
(check out amazing peacock closeups)


Sardar Pawar’s Wada (Malthan):
8 KMs from Morachi Chincholi there is small fort like wada resemling miniature of Shaniwar Wada of pune or like Purndar wada of Saswad. It seems the place has historical value from Mughal times. We were not able to see the place from inside as it seemed locked but probably Agritourism has a center here too called 'Malthan Krishi Paryatan Kendra (

Somnath Hemadpanthi Temple (Pimpri Dumaala):
This temple is located in small village and the villagers believe this from Pandav era. There’s no tar road and the so called mud-road is extremely in bad condition and could be worse in monsoon. But the drive is pleasant across the dotted custard apple and sweet lime farms. The temple itself is very clean and the fresh coat of paint makes it a pleasant sight. There’s a huge banyan tree and you can see village children swinging on the 'parambya' and playing around it.

The most attractive thing is the water cistern next to the temple. I recalled that I had something similar in Hampi. You definitely need a guide to visit this one. One the return journey in the village itself we stopped in a custradapple farm to buy some fresh fruits. In spite of taking 3 dozen custard apples the farmer was refusing to take any money saying that "Pahunyankadun kasle paise ghayache, tumhi amchaya deva la alat!" meaning why to take money from visitors, we are very happy that you come to visit our village temple. Finally we gave him what was appropriate and the proceeded. I was touched by his simpleness, generosity and his beliefs.

It was an marvellous trip and I will cherish the memories of dancing peacocks forever!!!

-July 19, 2009


  1. Thanks for such a beautiful feedback on your weekend excrusion...

  2. You are Welcome. I was very happy to meet you family.

  3. Hopefully u shud have visited Malthan Krishiparyatan Kendra....the tour arranged is amazingly fantastic

  4. Manish, unfortunately I came to know about Maltan Krishiparyatan after I visited Morachi Chincholi. But thanks for letting me know I wil definitely try that option next time. Morachi Chincholi is one thing I would luv to visit again and again. I guess they have started tent facility too.

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    Thanks for the information.
    Can you please share your itinerary and contact numbers of people?


  6. You can find all details here-

  7. Thank you for sharing such a valuable information with us. Morachi Chincholi showcases a true ideal Indian village with all traditional cultures. It is a wonderful place to experience the traditional rural life. Highly recommended to the village and nature lovers.
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