Kumbhoj Bahubali

Day 1: Pune > Siddhagiri > Stavnidhi > Kothali > Khidrapur > Kuntugiri
Day 2: Kuntugiri > Ramlingh Tirth > Ichalkarnji > Kumbhoj
Day 3: Kumbhoj > Audumbar > Pune
Clocked 700+ KMs

How to reach: It’s on Kolhapur to Sangli highway. Take a left turn from Hatkalagne ST Stand and its about 6/7 kms.
Time of visit: May 2011, Dec 2005

After a huge round of shopping in Ichalkarnji we reached Kumbhoj in later afternoon. Had a late lunch in new bhojnalaya.

It is said that the name Kumbhoj seems to be connected with well-known ancient term Kamboja of Sanskrit/Pali literature. The main temple has a grand idol of Bhagwan Bahubali. It is situated on about 50 steps up and placed on a 28 feet high promontory.

The temple complex is huge one with school, residential hostel and dharmshala inside. There is a also modern Bhojnalaya built recently. There is huge parking facility.

Apart from these several models of temples of pilgrimage neatly built are truly worth seeing.

Just behind this on the hill about 400 steps up is another temple complex which houses various idols. Theres also a Shwetambar mandir in this complex.

Behind the complex is a historic Bhuabali idol. This artistic 6 feet high Satishaya idol of Bhagwan Bahubali was founded in Khak Samvat 1079. The surroundings near this idol are extremly pleasant if you are here in the evenings. With cool breeze its very beautiful to sit here for few hours...

Just outside the main complex is Shwetambar Jahaj Mandir. This beautifully architected temple in a Ship surrounded by well maintained lush Garden with a nice walkway with flowers all around. In the evening ata round 7 PM it looks beautiful when lightings and fountains are turned on.

Since it was getting late we decided to stay back in Kumbhoj and proceeded to Audumbar next day.