Ratnadurg, Jaygad

9 Astounding Forts in 3 days.

Day 01- Pune-Kolhapur-Padmadurg-Sindhudurg-Sarjekot
Day 02- Bhagwantgad-Devgadh-Vijaydurg -  Purnagad-Ratnagiri
Day 03- Ratnadurg (Bhagavati Killa)-Jaigad -  Dervan-Chiplun-Pune

Day 03- Ratnadurg (Bhagavati Killa)-Jaigad-Dervan-Chiplun-Pune

Early morning we proceeded to Ratnagiri fort. The fort entrance was locked and only opens at 9AM by the guard. We waited for 15-20 minutes and the guard finally came down at 9.15.

Ratnadurg Fort (Bhagavati Killa)

Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort in 1670 from Adilshah. Ratnadurga, popularly known as Bhagavati fort, with area of 120 acres, is situated on a small hill surrounded by sea on three side. The tar road runs right to the entrance. A flight of steps take you to the gate. The strong fortifications run from south-east to west side.

A bhagwati Temple is right in the front of the gate once you are inside.

The fort is well maintained and a recently walk way is built near fortification which allows visitors to watch the beauty of peaceful see below. The zigzag fortification wall also seems to be restored recently.

The most attractive feature would be the deep causeway penetrating the sea.

Thiba palace, Ratnagiri.

If you are visiting Ratnagiri a quick look a Thiba palace is must. British took over the Burma and arrested king Thibaw. The king was kept under house arrest at Ratnagiri but was treated with the state honors. He died in Ratnagiri. His grand-grand daughter Tity got married to a local resident Shankarrao Pawar. The red colored three storied structure has sloping tiled roofs.

Semi-circular wooden windows with beautiful curving are the main attraction of this structure. It is said that the first floor has one dancing hall with a fully marble tiles. The palace was closed that day. Once probably a huge garden now had fallen prey to overgrown wild grass. We were sad to see the overall pathetic state of the beautiful monument.

After framing the quick snaps of the buzzing bees and beautiful wandering butterflies we proceeded for our return journey hoping that the authorities would wake up early and restore the alluring place.

Jaygad Fort

Our last fort on the journey was Jaygad. This is the last village in Ratnagiri tehsil and one of the rare ports where ships can directly berth to the jetty. This was the major port in 50’s when Goa – Mumbai ship service was in full stream. Over the time with advent of national highways and closure of ship services, Jaygad lost its glamour and now is a remote port. Lighthouse situated in the fort still guides ships traveling between Dabhol (near Dapoli) and Ratnagiri.

There’s a two storied structure in the middle of the fort but this look like some Indian government building. The strong fortification wall and the trenches around out are worth watching.

The marvelous watch tower with 3 layered windows is the most attractive feature. After capturing lot of butterflies in our camera we proceeded to Dervan.