Padmadurg, Sindhudurg, Sarjekot

9 Astounding Forts in 3 days.

Day 01- Pune-Kolhapur-Padmadurg-Sindhudurg-Sarjekot
Day 02- Bhagwantgad-Devgadh-Vijaydurg  -  Purnagad-Ratnagiri
Day 03- Ratnadurg (Bhagavati Killa)-Jaigad  -  Dervan-Chiplun-Pune

Day 01- Pune-Kolhapur-Padmadurg-Sindhudurg-Sarjekot

Past 2 days there were reports oh heavy rains across Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and parts of Karnataka. After lot of brainstorming we decided to continue on our plans.

5 of us started at around 6AM from Pune on Oct 2, 2009 by Tavera. After having breakfast- a yummy thalapit at Virangula, we cruised along the Kolhapur highway. After crossing Kolhapur we took GaganBawda road. The freely wandering clouds in the picturesque ghat offered some mesmerizing pictures.

The surprise of the hour was small black snake with yellow strips hurrying across the middle of the road before another vehicle zooms away. Heavy rains and ghats made our speed slow down till we reached NH17. We reached Malvan at around 2.30 PM.

The boating was closed inspite of numerous assurances by several people along the way. One boatman finally agreed to take us across to the fort after doubling the ticket fare. It was amazing to see the boatmen pull the boat by rolling the logs. The heavy rains had stopped but it was still drizzling and we were almost 14-15 people who decided to brave the low tides and the stormy weather.

As part of Sindhudurg’s defenses, Shivaji had built a fort of Padmadurg, which now almost has disappeared into the sea. It lay between the Sindhudurg and the coast and was Shivaji’s main ship construction yard. All that is visible are pieces of rocks spread across a piece of tiny island while going towards Sindhudurg fort.


Sindhudurg Fort is just 1/1.5 Km away from Malvan jetty and the Boat ticket fare is Rs 27. 1/1.5 hr is given to the tourist for excursion in the fort.

The fort is built on Kurte Island in 1664 on around 45 acres of land under supervision of Hiroji Indulkar. The fort has 52 bastions and the zigzag defense wall of the fort is almost ten feet in width and it almost looks like you can drive a 4 wheeler on it! To beat the force of the waves, Shivaji had constructed 3 mighty defense walls parallel to foundation of fort.

There are well built sweet water wells in the fort called as Dudh Bav (Milk Well), Dahi Bav (Curd Well) & Sakhar Bav (Sugar well). All of them used rain water harvesting techniques and hence have sweet water almost through the year. The Nagarkhana still stand braving the fierce wind and rains across thecenturies was said to be built Shahu Maharaj.

The entrance barrier (the main gate) made of the hardest type of wood (oomber), is 9 ft in height & 3.5 ft in width. Above that is Nagarkhana (built by Shahu) where drums were played to naval important events. The main barricade leads between two bastions. The left side bastion is 20 ft in height & the right one is 40 ft in height.

There is one rare coconut tree inside the fort which has two branches which had now dried up. Only the trunk was remaining.

The fort houses the only temple of Shivaji in the country built by Rajaram and having an idol of Shivaji without beard & mustache. The legend behind this idol says the sculpture was made during the time when Shivaji had shaved his beard and mustache after death of Jijabai.

During Shivaji’s days, there were about 150 houses inside the fort. The land now mostly belongs to private owners. There are some 300-400 coconut trees at present.

The after delightful adventurous and heavily soaking tour of sindhudurg fort we had snacks-lunch in nearby hotel. Then we proceeded to Tarkali. On the way we decided to explore sarjekot. On Achara Rd, a small muudy trail leads to Sarjekot. It said this a natural port and probably provided natural anchorage to ships. Its a excellent sunset point though. But there was nothing to see except a huge platform along the beach.

The long search in the dark for the hotel finally ended with only one tiny room in a hotel on Tarakali beach which had a 10 watt bulb in the room with no bulb in bathroom. Most of the hotels had been closed since there was no electricity for past 2 days. A yummy meal in a nearby house along with mouth-watering soldkadhi made us to forget all tiredness. The day finally ended with a venture of a scary night walk on the beach watching the angry ocean hitting its high powered waves.


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