Purnagad Fort

9 Astounding Forts in 3 days.

Day 01- Pune-Kolhapur-Padmadurg-Sindhudurg-Sarjekot
Day 02- Bhagwantgad-Devgadh-Vijaydurg  -  Purnagad-Ratnagiri
Day 03- Ratnadurg (Bhagavati Killa)-Jaigad  -  Dervan-Chiplun-Pune

Day 02- Bhagwantgad-Devgadh-Vijaydurg-Purnagad-Ratnagiri

Purnagad fort

Our last stop was to Purangad on the way to Ratnagiri. The sun was about to vanish in the clouds prompting birds to end their chattering and start the return journey to their nest. The skies began to spread their eerie darkness. We were afraid that we might miss the opportunity to Paurangad.

It was slightly difficult to locate the entrance road to the fort inside the village. Finally we were guided to the trail. It was very small hillcock and the village/huts were built right till the top. A decent flight of 20-25 min recently built stairway led to the well preserved fortification.

Located at 25 Kms. from Ratnagiri after Pawas, Purnagad fort is spread in only area of 22 acres. Although covered in thick vegetation and overgrown tress this small fort is in good condition. The main entrance door and its buruj, boundary wall are still in good condition.

You can find some cannons in the fort. It offers a panoramic view of sea below and you can sit for hours probably along the wall in the serene evenings. A half constructed darbar hall can be seen on the right edge.

We finally proceeded to Ratnagiri.