Ibrahim Rauza - Bijapur

Where: Bijapur/ Vijayapura
How to reach: 100 Kms from Solapur, 200 Kms from Hospet
Best time to visit: All the year round
Time visited: Nov 2016
Time to see around: 2/3 hrs
Stay: City
Parking: Paid parking available inside premises.

Tour Plan
Day 1: Pune-Kittur-Varur-Annigeri-Gadag
Day 2: Gadag-Laxmeshwar-Gadag-Sudi-Gadag
Day 3: Gadag-Dambal-Lakkundi-Itagi-Bijapur
Day 4: Bijapur-Solapur

Day 4 - Bijapur Local Sightseeing
Gol Gumbaz - Jumma Masjid - Mehtar Mahal - Asar Mahal - Bara Kamaan - The Malik-e-Maiden - Ibrahim Rauza - Upli Buruj - Taj Bawdi

History as per Internet
Ibrahim Rauza was built in 1627, contains the tomb of Ibrahim Adil Shah II and his queen Taj Sultana. It is a fine square structure with twin buildings with delicate carvings and was designed by the Persian architect, Malik Sandal (his grave also lies in the courtyard). It is said that this tomb provided the inspiration for building the Taj Mahal at Agra.

The inner perimeter of the Mausoleum has well crafted arches. The outer walls of the tomb have panels displaying beautiful decorations and intricate geometric and calligraphic patterns in the form of shallow relief. The windows and doors also have similar motifs, which allow light to penetrate into the tomb chamber.

The doors are made of teak wood braced with metal strips and decorated. 

In the prayer hall in the mosque, there are two chains carved out of a single rock.

The view from backside...