Bijapur Fort

Where: Bijapur/ Vijayapura
How to reach: 100 Kms from Solapur, 200 Kms from Hospet
Best time to visit: All the year round
Time visited: Nov 2016
Time to see around: 2/3 hrs
Stay: City
Parking: Parking available inside premises.
Note- Huge Parking but easily may get full during day

Tour Plan
Day 1: Pune-Kittur-Varur-Annigeri-Gadag
Day 2: Gadag-Laxmeshwar-Gadag-Sudi-Gadag
Day 3: Gadag-Dambal-Lakkundi-Itagi-Bijapur
Day 4: Bijapur-Solapur

Day 4 - Bijapur Local Sightseeing
Gol Gumbaz - Jumma Masjid - Mehtar Mahal - Asar Mahal - Bara Kamaan - The Malik-e-Maiden - Ibrahim Rauza - Upli Buruj - Taj Bawdi

Fort and Fortifications
History as per Internet: The fort and the citadel within it were built by Yusuf Adil Shah in 1565. The circumferential length of the fort’s outer wall, which encloses the old city, measures 10 kms. There were ninety-six large bastions and five main gateways. It is surrounded by a moat of 50 feet and fort wall has varying height, about 50 feet high. 

Modern day Bijapur, the entire city as such has lies within and outside the the fort areas. So there is no fort as such to see but the fortification remains can be seen at various places.

A road passing through a huge arched
One of the Gateways

History as per internet: The Malik-e-Maidan, also called Burj-E-Sherz, was erected by Ibrahim Adil Shah II. It was named after the Battle of Talikota of 1565 in which the Vijayangar empire was routed. It has a large cannon,14.6 ft long and 4.9 ft in diameter with a 700 millimetres (28 in) bore. The cannon weighs 55 tonnes and is considered one of the largest medieval guns made and was cast in 1549 at Ahmadnagar from bell metal by Muhammad Bin Husain Rumi. The gun is cool when touched even during hot summer season.

Sun and Moon signs on the buruj

The unusual feature of the gun is that its muzzle is shaped in the form of a lion head with carved open jaws as if devouring an elephant (depicted between the jaws).

Upli Buruj
Upli Burj is a 80 feet tower which was built in 1584. There are 70 steps to reach the top of the tower to get a great view of Bijapur. There are two long cannons on the Buruj.