Someshwar Temple - Laxmeshwar

Where: 40 Kms from Gadag
How to reach: via SH 6
Best time to visit: All the year round
Time visited: Nov 2016
Time to see around: 2 Hours
Stay:  Gadag
Food: Gadag
Parking: Parking available outside premises

Tour Plan
Day 1: Pune-Kittur-Varur-Annigeri-Gadag 
Day 2: Gadag-Laxmeshwar-Gadag-Sudi-Gadag
Day 3: Gadag-Dambal-Lakkundi-Itagi-Bijapur
Day 4: Bijapur-Solapur

Day 2 - Laxmeshwar and Sudi (180 Kms)
Gadag-Laxmeshwar (40 Kms), Gadag-Sudi (50 Kms)

History as per Internet
The most important Chalukya architecture at Laxemshwar is the 11th century Someshwara temple complex. All the three main entrances are surrounded by high walls that look like a fort. The temple complex is surrounded by small temples mainly dedicated to Shiva and some halls for devotees. The Nandi and Shiva Parvati idols in the temple are exquisitely sculpted. These idols are referred to as Saurashtra Someshwara, as these idols were brought by a Shiva devotee from Saurashtra and installed at Lakshmeshwara.

We started early morning after a hearty buffet breakfast. One the way, about 20 kms the Magdi bird sanctury looked promising- with season of arrival for migratory birds. But when we reached Magdi the huge lake was all dried up.

Once you are in Laksmeshwara town, people easily guide you through narrow lanes. The first stop obviously was Someshwara Temple complex. The temple is a fort like structure with a high wall surrounding the temple.

The intricate sculptures adorn the highly decorative walls.

The top border too is adorned with ornamental sculptures.

Amazing elephant sculptures at the bottom. 

There are many Kannada inscriptions. Some inscriptions are prominently displayed on one side of the temple.

Open well
Inside the Someshwara temple complex, behind the temple, there is an open step-well. A narrow road behind the temple (within the premises itself) lead to this step well. This ornamental step-well is of architectural and artistic significance.

After seeing this beautiful temple we proceeded through narrow lanes to Shanka Basadi.