Kashi Vishvanatha Temple - Lakkundi

Where: Lakkundi
How to reach: 12 Kms from Gadag
Best time to visit: All the year round
Time visited: Nov 2016
Time to see around: 0.5 hrs
Stay:  Gadag
Food: Gadag
Parking: Parking available outside premises

Tour Plan
Day 1: Pune-Kittur-Varur-Annigeri-Gadag 
Day 2: Gadag-Laxmeshwar-Gadag-Sudi-Gadag
Day 3: Gadag-Dambal-Lakkundi-Itagi-Bijapur
Day 4: Bijapur-Solapur

Day 3: Gadag-Dambal-Lakkundi-Itagi-Bijapur
Gadag-Damabal (23 Kms) Damabal-Lakkundi (14 Kms) Lakkundi-Itagi ( 35 Kms) Itagi-Bijapur (191 Kms)

History (Lakkundi Museum)

Two twin temples share a single platform, one dedicated to Lord Shiva and the other to Surya joined by a mandapa which at some point of time was covered with a roof above it. Entrance to the mandapa is provided on its east and south.

The Nanneshvara Temple temple seen in backdrop

Scenes from Ramayana can be seen like Hanuman lifting the Sanjivani mountain and panel on right shows the RamaSetu construction. 

Carvings on the top rail

The outer walls of the temple has scenes from Mahabharata and Ramayana.

The doorjambs and lintels have exquisite carvings on them with the southern entrance having 9 rows of carvings, each a separate story in itself. 

Inside is as beautifully sculpted as outside