Ananthanatha Basadi - Laxmeshwar

Where: 40 Kms from Gadag
How to reach: via SH 6
Best time to visit: All the year round
Time visited: Nov 2016
Time to see around: 20 mins
Stay:  Gadag
Food: Gadag
Parking: Parking available outside premises

Tour Plan
Day 1: Pune-Kittur-Varur-Annigeri-Gadag 
Day 2: Gadag-Laxmeshwara-Gadag-Sudi-Gadag
Day 3: Gadag-Dambal-Lakkundi-Itagi-Bijapur
Day 4: Bijapur-Solapur

Day 2 - Laxmeshwara and Sudi (180 Kms)
Gadag-Laxmeshwara (40 Kms), Gadag-Sudi (50 Kms)

History as per internet
Ananthanatha Basadi, built in AD 1250, lies in the middle of the town. This Basadi is an example of the Chalukya style of architecture. The idol of Ananthanatha, one of the 24 Thirthankars, is installed in the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine. It is entered through a big hall, in front of which a high dipa-stambha is erected. This hall seems to have been constructed during the Western Chalukya time. All around the hall is a low parapet wall, which instead of being open is closed on top with pierced window panels.

There nothing much to see but the temple itself is quiet and beautiful. 

Some huge broken statues of Thirthankaras gives us a glimpse of bygone glorious era.

It was getting hot and we still weren't hungry. We decided to head back to Gadag and go to Sudi.