Rajgir (Rajgrihi) Vandana

Base Town: Bihar Sharif
Where: 100 Kms from Patna
How to reach: 15 km from Bihar Sharif
Best time to visit: Sept-February (post rains)
Time visited: Dec 2014
Stay:  Kundalpur Dharmashala
Food: Hotmeals in Dharmashalas 
Parking: Parking available intside premises

Tour Plan

Day 1: Madhuban - Rest and local Darshan
Day 2: The Climb-Vandana
Day 3: Parikrama (Pradakshina)
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Gunawa-Guniyaj, Nawada, Pawapuri, Nalanda, Kundalpur
Day 6: Kundalpur-Rajgrihi-Kundalpur
Day 7: Gaya, Vaishali
Day 8: Vaishali Sightseeing, Patna

History as per Internet:

The city of Rajgir (Rajgrihi) was the first capital of the kingdom of Magadha, a state that would eventually evolve into the Mauryan Empire. It is also known as Panch Pahadi or city of five hills– Vipulachala, Ratnagiri, Udaigiri, Arungiri (Swarngiri) and Vaibhavgiri.This place was the capital of King Jarasandha (Contemporary to Bhagwan Neminath) and capital of the emperor of Magadha King Shrenik (Bimbsar). King Shrenik was the principal disciple of Bhagwan Mahaveer during the Samav saran of Lord Mahaveer here. It is also believed that Bhagwan Mahaveer stayed here in Chaturmaas (Four months period of rainy season), fourteen times in the state of Muni. His first Samavsharan was also established here on Vipulachala after attaining Kevalgyan and he delivered his first precept from here. Many munis like Jivandhara, Swet Sundarva, Vaishakha, Vidyuchchara, Gandhamadana, Preetinkara, Dhandatta attained salvation from this Siddha Kshetra . 

We started from Kundalpur and reached Rajgrihi by around 7/30 AM. 

A entire Tonga can be hired for 1000-1500 rs who will take you to first three mountains for Vandana. It take around 4-5 hrs to complete the treks. 4-5th tonks are very lonely and sometimes closed.

The Tonga dropped us at Vipulachala.

Vipulachala- Its round 1.5 Hours Trek. First of the five hills is Vipulachala, has four magnificent temples, among them one is recently constructed. To memorize the four Kalyanakas of Bhagwan MuniSuvratnath, a huge and attractive monument is constructed here.

The entrance to Vipulachala

View from the top.

Udaigiri: From Vipulachala, the trek continues for around 1/1.5 hrs where the temples are present through the forest. 

The tonga awaits at bottom of Udaygiri and then takes you to the base of third mountain which is 15-20 mins away.

The third temple

It was a beautiful experience and we were free to explore the rest of Rajgrihi by 12/12.30 AM.