Sammed Shikharji Vandana

Base Town: Madhuban/Shikharji
Where: 23 Kms from Parasnath Railway Station, Giridih district, Jharkhand
How to reach: From Parasnath Railway Station and take a cab from there.
Best time to visit: Sept-February (post rains)
Time visited: Dec 2014
Stay:  Various Dharmashalas, Hotels
Food: Hotmeals in Dharmashalas, few eateries outside
Parking: Parking available inside Dharmashalas

Tour Plan
Day 1: Madhuban - Rest and local Darshan
Day 2: The Climb- Vandana
Day 3: Parikrama(Pradakshina)
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Gunawa-Guniyaj, Nawada, Pawapuri, Nalanda, Kundalpur
Day 6: Kundalpur-Rajgrihi-Kundalpur
Day 7: Gaya, Vaishali
Day 8: Vaishali Sightseeing, Patna

Day 2- The Climb- Vandana (36Kms).

  1. Start climb early so that you are back before its dark. It starts getting dark around 5.30/6pm. The gates open at around 3AM.
  2.   In winter the temperatures drop drastically and it’s cold throughout the day and very foggy till 11AM. Typically if you stand in sun you will feel hot but if you move in shadows the chilly winds bite you.
  3.  If you are taking a doli, you will need to book in advance a day earlier. But Doli are available at lot of place. At every steep corner you would often meet someone asking for doliJ
  4. Beware of monkeys.
  5.  Carry some change if you want to donate. Unfortunately there are lot small kids who would keep on begging and it sad to see their plight.
  6. Carry Dates, Cucumber Rajigra/Groundnut Chikki for instant energy.
  7. The path is mostly concretized except few places at the top and unless you take shortcuts.
We started at 4 AM sharp. It was pitch dark but the crowd had already begun climbing. But as the it started to dawn sun rose behind the Abhinandan Tonk.


 Jal Mandir from top

The climb down

Madhuban view...well almost there, few more miles to go!

View from Parshavnath Tonk

View from Chandraprabu Tonk

While everyone say its 27kms Here is how my app showed on mobile-- I had set the target as 25kms but then it turned out it was 27 miles and 27 kms. It was 36KMs which we completed in 12hours!!!