Base Town: Gonava Village Nawada
Where: Patna-Ranchi Road, Bihar
How to reach: 23 Kms from Gunawa-Nawada, 38 Kms from Rajgir
Best time to visit: Sept-February (post rains)
Time visited: Dec 2014
Stay:  Dharmashalas
Food: Hotmeals in Dharmashalas and hotels around
Parking: Parking available outside premises

Tour Plan
Day 1: Madhuban - Rest and local Darshan
Day 2: The Climb-Vandana
Day 3: Parikrama (Pradakshina)
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Gunawa-Guniyaj, Nawada, Pawapuri, Nalanda, Kundalpur
Day 6: Kundalpur-Rajgrihi-Kundalpur
Day 7: Gaya, Vaishali
Day 8: Vaishali Sightseeing, Patna

Pavapuri   known as Pava and Apapapuri was a city in ancient times forming a part of Magadh territory. It is said that at that time Bhagwan Mahavir walking from Champapuri had arrived here and was spending his “Chaturmas” at the Rajjugashala of  king Hastipal. Bhagwan finally attained Moksha during in the last moments of the last “Prahar” of the Amavasya night. There are five main temples in Pawapuri - the Jal Mandir, the Gaon Mandir, the Samosaran, the New Samosaran and another temple built by Bibi Mehetab Kumari. Apart from these temples there is a Digambar Jain Mandir near Jal mandir.

Jal mandir as the name suggests is a temple in the middle of a lake blooming with lotuses. 

Built in the shape of “Vimana” and there is a stone bridge from the bank to the temple. It marks the spot where the mortal remains of Lord Mahavira was cremated. It is said that the demand for his ashes was so great that a large amount of soil was removed from around the funeral pyre, creating the water tank.