Kundalpur- Nalanda

Base Town: Bihar Sharif
Where: 100 Kms from Patna
How to reach: 15 km from Bihar Sharif and Rajgir
Best time to visit: Sept-February (post rains)
Time visited: Dec 2014
Stay:  Kundalpur Dharmashala
Food: Hotmeals in Dharmashalas 
Parking: Parking available intside premises

Tour Plan
Day 1: Madhuban - Rest and local Darshan
Day 2: The Climb-Vandana
Day 3: Parikrama (Pradakshina)
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Gunawa-Guniyaj, Nawada, Pawapuri, Nalanda, Kundalpur
Day 6: Kundalpur-Rajgrihi-Kundalpur
Day 7: Gaya, Vaishali
Day 8: Vaishali Sightseeing, Patna

History as per Internet:
Believed to be the birth place of Bhagwan Mahavir, it is said that he spent 22 years of his life at Kundalpur. The Nalanda University close by which was set up in the 5th Century B.C developed into a great centre for learning. Lord Mahavir is said to have made many visits there. Lord Mahavir’s three Ganadhars Agnibhuti, Vayubhuti and Indrabhuti were said to be born at this place. Several visits to this place and preachings and sermons delivered here have made this place very important. The temple is modern, built with a large open space and a beautiful temple structure. There are 72 idols of Jinas in a separate two storied building. There is also very good accommodation facility in a large separate building for the devotees. Kundalpur is alos birthplace of Gutamswamiji out of the eleven disciples of Lord Mahavira.