Bidar Fort

Type: Land Fort- Gadhi
Base Town: Bidar
Where: 400 Kms from Pune, 190 Kms from Solapur
Route Taken: Pune-Solapur-Bidar (off Solapur-Hyderabad highway)
Time visited: Oct 2014
Time to see: 2 hrs.
Food/Water:  Food/Stay is available at Bidar, Solapur
Parking: Parking available inside the fort area near main entrance

History as per Internet: 

Bidar Fort was built by Sultan Alla-Ud-Din Bahman of the Bahmani Dynasty., when his capital was moved from Gulbarga to Bidar in 1427. Surrounded by three miles long walls and, comprising 37 bastions, this fort has five entrances. Within the fort complex, there is an old city with several monuments and structures that belong to the Bahamian era. Among these monuments, the Gagan Mahal, Rangin Mahal and Takhat Mahal are most popular. Jami Masjid and Solah Khamba Masjid are the two notable mosques constructed within the fort.

Visited this majestic fort while I was returning from my hyderabad trip. Around a Km away is the first entrance to fort area. Inside  among the hustling town lies the the Madrasa of Khwaja Mahmud Gawan, built in 1472 by Mahmud Gawan, the minister of Shah III. It is an outstanding example of Bahmani architecture built in the Persian style.

Unfortunately it was Diwali time and there was no guide who could show us around. There were several security guards and the place was well maintained.The main entrance door (as seen on left) with two bastions and the fence wall still stands basking in hot sun.

Pathway to main entrance

Main Gate

The well maintained gardens. 

The Solah Khamba Mosque on the right side was built by Qubil Sultani between 1423 and 1424. The mosque derives it’s name from the 16 pillars that are lined in the front of the structure.

The fountains and flowing water system in courtyard.

The Rangin Mahal is one of the best preserved monuments inside the Bidar Fort complex. It is situated close to the Gumbad Gate and build by Barid Bidar in 1542-1580 AD.

The entrance door with beautiful wooden carving and painted walls.

Hand Painted walls

Ceilings in one of the rooms.

The entrance door and fort structure seen from the Ragin Mahal terrace.

Various administrative and residential complexes inside the fort-

The fort is must visit and it would be a good idea to take guide around...


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