Kalavatin durg

Type: Trek
Base Village: Thakurwadi
Where: 170 Kms from Pune 
Route Taken: Pune-Shendug Phata-Thakurwadi
Time visited: Oct 2013, Oct 2008
Time to climb: 4 hrs.
Overall time: 7-8 hours
Difficulty Grade: 3  Endurance: 4
Food/Water:  Food/Stay is available at the Machi Prabal village which is halfway on the trek.
Parking: Small bus/vehicles can be parked at the base. The road is very narrow for last few kms.

Kalavantin View from Prabalgad. Beautiful view of rock cut steps.
(Note this photos was not taken by me and I found this on internet)

Approaching Kalavantin...

Trek routes
Travel via expressway. 20kms before expressway take JNPT exit and take U Turn to go on other side of highway  On left there is toll road for shendug. Next to it is very small road with an arch going to Thakurwadi. The road is pretty small towards the end.

Kalavantin is small buruj of Pabalgad--

Quick Tips: Slightly tough trek from en-durability perspective. Its best that you reach as early as possible before the scorching heat. The climate is extremely humid and sweaty unless its raining heavily. The water scarce but is only available at Machi Prabal village which is halfway through but its good idea to carry 2ltrs of water.

History as available on internet: The Prabalgadh fort was conquered by Shivaji from the Mughals in 1657, after he establishing himself in the Kalyan-Bhivandi area. The Mughals took control of Prabalgad along with Kalyan, Mahuli, Karnala and a number of other forts after Sambhaji's death. Kalavantin Durg is nothing but a watch fort supportive to Prabalgad.

Although we started early after a series of hiccups like Tyre puncture, we finally reached Thakurwadi at around 10am. The road is broad and is way climb till Machi Prabal. It should take around 2 hours.

As you start climbing you realize how much you have criss-crossed through winding path through thick cover of trees below...

A two hour climb and a rustic Machi Prabal welcomes you. Machi Prabal is small village with few houses.  

Thakurwadi Village

Path along the ridge from Thakurwadi before the climb. A clear sign indicate that there are two separate routes from the village. The left hand peak is Kalavantin.

The trail runs through forest.

The last frontier- Rocky patch with huge steps.

The last climb.

View of Machi Prabal Below.

 Amazing panorama from the top makes you forget a 4 hours of sweaty climb...

We climbed down to have lunch in Machi Prabal by 3.30pm. After a hearty lunch we were back at the base by 5.30/6pm. Reached safely by around 8.30pm. It was wonderful experience.


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