Hadsar Fort

Type: Trek
Base Village: Hadsar, Junnar
Where: 105 KMs from Pune 
Route: Pune-Narayangaon-Junnar-Hadsar
Time visited: June 2013
Time to climb: 1/1.5 hrs.
Difficulty Grade: 1   Endurance: 1
How to reach: Travel to Hadsar village which would be 13kms from Junnar. 

Trek routes
A 10 minutes walk will take you to the base of the fort.  From the left face of the fort is an easy hike. Once you reach the top you have take a traverse and you will join a another road coming up through gully from the back side. A flight of steps will take you to the final climb.

History as per available on Internet: 
Fort Hadsar, also known as Parvatgad, was constructed during the Satvaahanas. Hadsar was one of the forts exchanged in the 1637 treaty between Shahaji Raje and the Mughals. In 1818 the British forces conquered Junnar and the forts in this region.

Hadsar is easy trek and can be done at anytime.

We had started from Pune around 7. The weather was clear and it had just stopped raining. After hearty breakfast at Purohit's we reached the base at around 10 AM. A 10 minute walk led to the base of the fort. We took 2 children working the farm nearby as our guide. They showed us the way to left hand climb.

Panoramic view from the top after the climb on the left side

From here you take a traverse and join the gully route which comes from the back side.

There is a huge flight of stairs from where it joins gully route.

The entrance twin doors are a tunnel-like structure.

The last climb.

A water cistern on the left once you reach the top.

Shiv temple along the sides of a lake few meters ahead.

View from the top of the hillock

While coming down finally it rained and it was truly refreshing. We reached back safely at around 3 PM at the base. After a good meal on the way we came back to Pune by 7 pm. It was wonderful change.