After good in Silvassa we left for Jawahar and reached Sunset Resort in afternoon.

Sunset point. 

Jai Vilas Palace from Sunset Point

After the sunset we had great dinner. Early morning we started for Jai Vilas Palace

Jai Vilas Palace
History on Internet:  The palace was build by Raje Yashwant Rao Maukne. The stone used for this is syinite which was brought from Kalidhond which is 5 km away from its location . 

The pathway from the main road to the palace is lined with dense growth of bushes on both sides. 

Once you cross the trail a grand palace hidden among the trees welcomes you.

The palace has a children’s nursery, drawing room, antique furniture, bedroom, stuffed animals and a large lobby. 

There are several rooms at the palace. The palace has been used in the shooting of several Bollywood movies.

Khad-Khad Dam : This is one of the major dams near jawhar city

Shirpamal: 5 km from main town, Shirpamal is a 300 year old gateway set up to watch the enemy from a distance. Situated on top of the highest hill in the region offers panoramic view of the valley below. 

Panorama View from the top

Jawhar can be seen in half day. The remoteness and tranquility can be enjoyed as long as you want!!!