Dahanu Bordi


Type: Beach
Base Village: Dahanu
Where: 200 KMs from Pune
Route: Pune-Mumbai-Dahanu
Time visited: November 2012
Shopping: Chikoo Chips (Dried Chikoo), Chikoo pickle and Chikoo chocolates.
Dhanu-Bordi is coastline known for peaceful tranquility. Not very commercialized all you can do is laze around and enjoy the beach whenever there is high tide.


While travelling to Dahanu, all the hotels fall on the left side slightly out of town.. The Dahanu village falls on the right side. Towards the end of the village lies Dahanu Fort. The Fort has a history spanning 400 years, when the Portuguese took over the west coast and segregated the Thane region into two divisions. Headed by Chimaji Rao Appa, the Marathas took over the fort in 1739. The fort still is in amazing condition but has several offices inside. We didn’t venture inside.

We reached Dahnu by around noon and stayed at Pearline hotel.  Dahanu has only 3-4 options to stay and Pearline offers best stay options and quality food.  All the 3 hotels are beach facing. But the beach is muddy at several places and you cannot go too far, hence can be best enjoyed in high tide only. 

The swimming pool at Pearline is well maintained.  It was low tide in the evening and we were not able to go and enjoy the beach.  After enjoying swim in the swimming pool, we had a hearty dinner.

In the morning we enjoyed the beach. Since we got the booking only for a day we proceeded to Bordi.

Bordi village and the beach are at a distance of 2 km from Gholvad railway station. There are very few hotels here, Goolkush Hotel, Jayee Resort, Tapovan and Anand Resort, to be more specific. The tariffs of all these are almost the same.  

Anand Resort

Anand Resort the only veg hotel in Dahanu-Bordi area has two options to stay inside the chikoo garden. The older hotel although well maintained is of average quality and need a realistic upgrade. But the food quality is excellent and so is the well maintained orchard with swimming pool.

With emus and different pets around Crazy crab hotel could be good option if you drink and enjoy nonveg. 

After a relaxing day at Anand Resort early morning we proceeded to Surat-Silvassa.