Sudhagad Fort

Type: Hill forts
Area: Pali
Grade: Easy
Base Village: Thakurwadi (Pachhapur), 160 Kms from Pune, 12/15 kms from Pali
Time to climb: 2-3 Hours
Best time to visit: Monsoon
Time visited: June 2012
Way to reach from Pune: Travel to Pali via Khopoli. Pachhapur is around 12 Kms from Pali. After 6Kms look out for a small narrow diversion that seems to climb up the mountain. After you cross Pacchapur village ask for Thakurwadi which is about 2-3 kms.

History as on Internet:  Sudhagad fort is believed to have been in existence since 200 BC. The Bhora devi temple on top is said to have been built by Sage Bhrug Rishi. The rulers of Bhor dynasty were worshippers of Bhoraidevi. The first reference of Sudhagad is in the year 1436 when the Bahamani Sultan won over the fort. In 1657 the fort came under the control of Marathas and the name was changed from Bhorapgad to Sudhagad.It's said that Sudhagad's Mahadarwaja is an exact replica of Raigad's Mahadarwaja.

Climbing Routes:
Pachhapur-Thakurwadi: Its One and half hours trek from Thakurwadi .
Dhondse: This way to summit takes more time than the first way...

We were about 14 people and had hired a mini bus. We started early morning and at 7 am we were waiting at RamKrishna in lonavala with hungry faces to open the doors. Some quick chikki shopping at A1 induced the mood in the group. After yummy Masala Dosa and steaming idlies we proceeded to Sudhagad. 

At 9.30 we started the trek. The trek started through Thakurwadi. 2 boys agreed to be our guide. It started as a simple walk and became slightly steep later.

Although cloudy is was sunny. Everybody was desperately waiting for Rain Goids to be pleased. But off cousre we had to earn it...

The bug that had gone Red...

One of the best ladders ever seen!

On the way. Still long way to go to reach Pachhapur Gate.

The detail road directions everywhere.

Now was this the Hatti ki sund?

Steps to heaven?

What a Massive Watch Tower!

The Secret Entrance to lower level

The Panorama from the top with Tail-Bail walls in the background...

Reached Bhorai Devi temple just in time when the rains god answered our prayers. Finally we had earned it! Had hearty Bhel and munched other snacks while the thirtsy dry parched land soaked in the heavy down pour...

We descended back safely by 3 PM. Took us close an hour. Had good time a Pali- see more details here. After Temple visit and some shopping we started back at around 5/5.30 PM. On way saw the massive accident where close 14 cars had piled up near Kamshet Tunnel. There were 2 accidents on the same spot within a gap of an hour and overall 33 cars dashed against one another.

Reached safely back by 7.30PM. A wonderful trek.