Sindhkhed Raja

Marthwada-Vidharbha Circuit- 8 days, 1750 Kms
Pune-Ahmednagar-Parbhani-Navagarh-Jintur (480 Kms)
Jintur-Lonar-Mehekar-Karanja (216 Kms)
Karnja-Amravati-Chikhaldara (153 Kms)
Chikhaldara-Semadoh-Chikhaldara (50Kms)
Muktagiri (44Kms)
Muktagiri-Achalpur-Akot-Shegaon (120 Kms)
Shegaon-Mehekar-SindkhedRaja-Jalna-Aurangabad- (265 Kms)
Aurangabad-Nagar-Pune (236 Kms)

Type: Lakhujirao Jadhav Palace-Land Fort, Samdhi and other buildings
Base town: SindhKhed Raja
Where: Near Jalna
Route taken: Shegaon-Balapur-Jalna
Time to see around: 1 Hour
Time visited: October 2011
My Meter reading from Pune: ? Kms

Raje Lakhujirao Jadhav Wada

Lakhujirao Jadhav Wada
Sindkhed Raja is famous for the birth place of Jijabai (Shivaji Maharaj's mother).

One has to pay 2Rs to get a ticket to visit the Wada. There is a beautiful entrance door. Inside there are many artifacts , statues, carvings stored by Archaeology Department.

The Durbar room is being recreated.

Some structure where other occupants used to stay and underground storage rooms can be seen.

The Kala Kot or the Kala Killa (Black Fort)
Close by the palace is Kala kot fort built by the Jadhav but was probably left halfway through. Only the bastions and outer walls are present, nothing inside.

Rang Mahal

Close by the palace is Building of Rang Mahal. This where Shahaji Raje first time saw Jijabai playing Holi before their marriage. This remains closed and hence was not able to see this structure from inside.


Samadhi of Raja Lakhuji Jadhav
Raja Lakhuji Jadhav was killed by treason by the Nizam at Devgiri fort in Aurangabad with 2 of his sons. There is a samadhi built in his memory in Sindkhed Raja. which is worth visiting 

The entrance Door to Samadi.

The inscriptions on the door.

A temple in the surroundings. This is historic temple where Jijabai used to come often.

After visiting Sindhkhed Raja we proceeded to our next destination- Aurangabad.