Narnala Fort- Akot

Marthwada-Vidharbha Circuit- 8 days, 1750 Kms
Pune-Ahmednagar-Parbhani-Navagarh-Jintur (480 Kms)
Jintur-Lonar-Mehekar-Karanja (216 Kms)
Karnja-Amravati-Chikhaldara (153 Kms)
Chikhaldara-Semadoh-Chikhaldara (50Kms)
Muktagiri (44Kms)
Muktagiri-Achalpur-Akot-Shegaon (120 Kms)
Shegaon-Mehekar-SindkhedRaja-Jalna-Aurangabad- (265 Kms)
Aurangabad-Nagar-Pune (236 Kms)

Type: Hill fort
Base town: Akot
Where: 75 Km from Akola and 25 Km from Akot
Route taken: Muktagiri-Akot-Popatkhed-Shahnur-Narnala
Time visited: October 2011
My Meter reading from Pune: ? Kms
Accessibility: You have to get gate pass and can drive all upto to the top but the road is all muddy trail may not be accessible in rainy season.
History available on Internet: Narnala is a huge fort adjoining west border of Melghat Tiger Project and in the vicinity of protected area of Dhargadh and Gullarghat. The fort covers an area of 362 acres (1.46 km2). It has 360 watchtowers, six large and twenty one small gates.

The fort comes on other side of melghat and is under Forest office.
We reached early around 9/9.30 at the gates of the fort. The gates were yet to be opened.
After looking around a guard greeted us and helped to find us a guide.
Guide is advisable looking at huge expanse of the fort.

A twenty minute bumpy ride takes you to the top of the fort. Its all muddy trail and may be in accessible in rains. On the way there is old entrance.

The large gates are called the Delhi darvaza, the Sirpur darvaza, the Akot darvaza, and the Shahanur darvaza.

The innermost of the three gate-ways is the Shahnur or Mahakali gate. It is built of white sandstone and is highly ornate.

Decorative lotus flowers and Arabic inscriptions, flanked by projecting balconies the gate is extremely artistic.  It is considered an example of Sultanate style of architecture.

Huge pot by the side of gate probably to collect the collections...

A giant cannon facing Akot lays standstill in eerier calm.

A historic mosque and the calm lake. It is belief that the waters have medicinal value. On the far side you would see some remains of the buildings.

A mosque probably...

The forts worth visit. Afterwards we dropped the gaurd back at base village and proceeded to Shegaon.