Kavdi AKA Kavdipat

Type: Sunrise and Bird Watching site
Near: Loni Kalbhor
Base Village: Kavdi
Where: 20 Kms from Pune
Route: Pune-Solapur road
Time visited: November 2011
How to reach: On Pune Solapur road, 2 minutes after the toll plaza watch out for Manali Resort. Take a left turn about few meters ahead. Theres a narrow road travelling through farms. Cross the railway crossing and about 1.5 kms ahead park your vehicles in temple complex. The Pat or Bandh as called in marathi is right infront of you.
Best Time to visit: Early morning November-January

About: Kavdi is a small village and is known as birding place. There are more than 50 varities of birds spotted here which include different types of kingfishers, Ibis, Kites, Egrets, Wagtail and Heron birds. Other than that Red vented Bulbuls, Drongo, Sunbird, Hoopoe and variety of stork and ducks can be easily seen.
We started at about 5.30 AM to reach Kavdi Pat in the chilly saturday morning. We reached at about few minutes to six and we were surpised to see few people all set to capture the sunrise with tripods and different cameras.

The entire landscape was breathtaking. The fog had engulfed the area and it was literally flowing rather wandering on the calm of the the river.

As the redness started to spead we could spot some early arrivals. We took our positions right at the center of the bridge to catch few early snaps before the sunrise.

Once the light started to spread across the whole area was filled with chirping of hundreds of birds.

We proceeded back to home at around 10am after a  yummy Vadapav. Will cherish forever the mesmerizing sunrise and the beautiful birds.

Updates December 2011: After this weekend I have been several times there to catch more snaps and everytime it simply amazes me.


  1. Hi, i am planning to go this weekend/next. Just a small doubt. After the plaza, should we turn left or right? I checked on google maps and i dont see any water body on the right ...

  2. Oops sorry its left turn. Corrected the blog too.

  3. I travelled several times to Solapur. But never seen so many birds.
    I am really amazed to see them all here.

    1. Sudhakar, Kavdipat is slightly off the highway and since its on the river there are huge varities of birds that come for breeding. Go there in around Nov-Jan timeframe at anytime of the day.

  4. Even I visited this place. its splendid. Nature lovers must vist.

  5. Hi sumit, Amazing pictures. Will defiantly visit this place.


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