Kaas- Revisited

Type: Roaming in wilderness ideal for Family visit
Near: Satara
Where: 120 Kms from Pune
When to vist: Sept to early Oct only
Time visited: Sept 2009, Oct 2010, Oct 2011
Time to see around: 2-3 hours
How to reach: Just before the tunnel near Ajinkyatara theres a road to right which goes all the way to Kaas Plateau. Theres probably a State Transport bus too. Check on Satara ST stand for details.
What to carry: Water bottle, cap and some food items.
Warnings: Reach very early AM to avoid traffic jams. Police will fine you if you pluck flowers or try to wander in flowering areas or are found destroying the flowers. Avoid walking in the flowers.

If you are visiting the blog for fist time please see more details about my earlier visits.


  1. Sumit, what camera do you use? Also what is the best time to go to Kaas?

    1. The flowering season starts from August and is till end of October. Best time is mid september. I use Cannon 550D.


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