Paranda Fort

Marathwada Circuit- 1200 Kms, 7 forts, 2 Caves
Day 1: Pune-Madha-Paranda-Tuljapur (360 Kms)
Day 2: Dharshiv Caves
Day 3: Tuljapur-Ausa-Kharosa-Udgir-Nanded (280 Kms)
Day 4: Nanded-Kandhar-Dharur-Kunthaligiri (290 Kms)
Day 5: Kunthaligiri-Kharda-Bhadurgad AKA Dharmaveergad-Pune (265 Kms)


Type: Land Fort
Base Village: Paranda
Where:210 KMs from Pune
Route: Pune-Tembhurni-Kurduwadi-Parnda
Time visited: August 2011
Time to see around: 1 hour
How to visit: Take a left turn from Tembhurni off Pune-Solapur highway towards Kurduwadi. From Kurduwadi take ‘Kurduwadi-Latur’ toll road. I took the Parnada turn from where Paranda was around 25 Kms. But the road was in horrible condition. Better enquire about this before you take a turn. The alternative is to precede towards Barshi and then ‘Barshi- Paranda’ road which in better condition.
Meter reading from Pune: 268

You have to traverse through a vegetable market to reach the entrance. The guard notes down your details and then allows you to visit the magnificent fort.

This 800 year old fort with 26 bastions is said to be built by Bahamani II is indeed a fine specimen of military Architecture and engineering. As per history available on internet after the disintegration of the Bahamani kingdom it became a part of the kingdom of Ahmednagar. After the capture of Ahmednagar by the Moghals in 1600, it became the capital of Ahmednagar for a short time. About 1628 or so, it was captured by Sahaji and remained with him for two to three years and was captured by the Bijapuris in 1630. In 1657 it was again captured by the Moghuls.

The entrance gates are in pretty good condition. The beautiful carvings on the buruj and windows are worth dekko

The fort is surrounded by trench from all the sides with all overgrown bushes and saturated water. 

The fort has not faced any battle in its history and used as storage depot for weapons and large number of cannon balls are still lying there.

There is a well maintained  beautiful mosque once you enter the main area.

There is a well built well on far right side.

There are two huge cannons on two watch towers/buruj.

It is said that the main cannon is 20 feet long.

You have to take traverse from left to reach the Shiva temple.

Shiva temple.

We proceeded to our next destination Tuljapur.


  1. Namaskar & Khup Dhanyawaad for posting the photos & information of these places in Solapur ..
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