Kharosa Caves

Marathwada Circuit- 1200 Kms, 7 forts, 2 Caves
Day 1: Pune-Madha-Paranda-Tuljapur (360 Kms)
Day 2: Dharshiv Caves
Day 3: Tuljapur-Ausa-Kharosa-Udgir-Nanded (280 Kms)
Day 4: Nanded-Kandhar-Dharur-Kunthaligiri (290 Kms)
Day 5: Kunthaligiri-Kharda-Bhadurgad AKA Dharmaveergad-Pune (265 Kms)

Type: Caves
Base Village: Kharosa (Few kms before Nilanga)
Where:370 KMs from Pune, 42Kms from Latur, 27Kms from Ausa
Route: Off Latur
Time visited: August 2011
Time to see around: 1 hour
How to visit: There’s a left turn for caves of about 1 or 2 kms after the Kharosa village exit off Ausa-Udgir highway few kms before Nilanga. A tar road takes right up to the caves.
Meter reading from Pune: 445 Kms

There are around 12 caves believed to build in 6th century.

The first cave is Buddhist.

A freshly coloured statue of Lord Buddha is seen in sitting position.

There are few caves with shivling and one with lord Dutta.

The sculpture of yaksa (?) with bow and arrow outside one of the caves is worth dekko.

The second cave has Shivling and lot people come here for blessings.
The 4th or probably 5th caves is of 2 floors. The ground floor is slightly below ground level from where the mid-level floor can be accessed.

To climb to the Upper floor, one has to climb from a narrow staircase which is all broken down.

The upper hall has various Vishnu, Shiv-Parvati idols.

On the upper side of the hill you will find Renuka devi Temple.

Later proceeded to our next destination- Udgir Fort.


  1. Hi,

    I am told that the Kharosa caves are much ruined (which I can also see from the images you have posted). I will be travelling to Ausa and thereon to Nilanga. Would you suggest to take a detour to Kharosa on the way? Or may I ignore the caves as I have limited time at my disposal and no private vehicle (I will be using the State Transport bus)?

    Await your early reply.

    1. You are correct, they are ruined and not really something wow as such. If you have limited time and are travelling by bus you can really skip this.


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