Bhadurgad AKA Dharmaveer gad

Marathwada Circuit- 1200 Kms, 7 forts, 2 Caves
Day 1: Pune-Madha-Paranda-Tuljapur (360 Kms)
Day 2: Dharshiv Caves
Day 3: Tuljapur-Ausa-Kharosa-Udgir-Nanded (280 Kms)
Day 4: Nanded-Kandhar-Dharur-Kunthaligiri (290 Kms)
Day 5: Kunthaligiri-Kharda-Bhadurgad AKA Dharmaveergad-Pune (265 Kms)

Type: Land Fort
Base Village: Pedgaon
Where: 130 Kms from Pune, 15/20 Kms from Shrigonda off Daund
Route: Kunthalgiri-Bhoom-Kharda-Jamkhed-Pedgaon
Time visited: August 2011
Time to see around: 4 hours
How to reach: It’s near Daund, off Daund-Nagar higway or can be easily reached from Shrigonda village.
My Meter reading from Pune: Pune 1190 Kms

History: Bahadurgad , the major Mughal camp was said to have been built by Bahadur Khan Kokaltash, the mughal viceroy to the Deccan. It has several names including Bhadhurgad, pedgaon cha killa and Dharmaveer gad.

This historic fort is famous for two things-
Shivaji Raje had heard the news of the arrival of the two hundred trained arabian stallions at Bahadurgad He deliberately leaked the news that he was planning to attack Bahadurgad. Intially 2000 men attacked the fort and then chose to retreat with Bahadur Khan chasing with his full might. Luring the mughals away from the fort by well over 20kms, the marathas dissappeared in the thick woods. Meanwhile the remaining 7000 odd maratha contingent attacked the fort, taking away all the gold and horses. Sambhaji Raje along with his wife was also said to be imprisoned here by Diler Khan when he fell out with Shivaji Mharaj.  Later after death of Shivaji, in 1689, When Sambhaji Raje was captured at Sangameshwar, he was brought to Bahadurgad, as a prisoner. Sambhaji Raje and Kavi Kalash were subjected to a horrific torture when they did not accept to be converted to Islam. Bahadurgad has been renamed as Dharmaveergad in the memory of Sambhaji raje.

Except for a few monuments and broken down walls and bastions, theres nothing left. As you enter through the arch there is welcoming board and next to it is a shiv mandir.

Ruins of Jain thirthankars and other idols are kept nearyby.

Amongst the several temples inside the fort, there are the Bhawani mata temple (fortified by a stone wall), the Hanuman temple (with a large Hanuman image in saffron), the Ganesha temple and some very old Yadavkaalin temples (built in the Hemadpanthi style) including the Rameshwar temple, the Mallikarjun temple, the Laxmi Narayan temple and the Baleshwar temple.

Another  temple.
There are some statues of Lord Ganesh and Jain Thirthankars found near by are kept in this Shiv temple..

Of all these Hemadpanthi temples, the Laxmi Narayan temple is the best preserved and is under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India.

A temple opposite to this is also worth dekko.

Please refer to the details page about these temples.
The Hatti-chi moat used to draw water is worth seeing.

The terracotta pipes (holes in the pics) supplying water to palaces and darbar is clearly seen at the structure where water used to be poured. This is just on the left of Laxmi Narayan temple and in front is 'Hatta-chi moat'.

The 3 floor palaces with magnificent view of river below are now completely in ruins.

Several rooms had beautiful arches and 'zaroka' on the roof. One of the room was a sort of secret hiding room.

The terracotta piping is clearly seen in bathrooms. It said that they had tubs and there is small room for babies with baby tub. The water markings are seen clearly.

This structure is seen below in the river. Not sure what is this but could haveen used as deck for fishing and other boats?

The only structure now remains of the darbar are the main arch. There is a pillar placed in the centre offering a tribute and depicting where Shambhaji raje would have been made to stand when captured.

The fencing fortification wall is seen clearly on side of river.

This was Nal Dwar or gate probably used for fetching river water for localites.

With emotional memories we preceded back home via Daund. On the way had wonderful dinner at Kanchan dhaba, our regular spot on Solapur highway.


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