Bara Mota chi Vihir

Type: Historic well
Area: Satara
Base Village: Limb, 20 Kms from Satara
Time visited: June 2011

Way to reach from Pune: Travel to Satara. Few kms before satara after Satara College on Engineering and Management on the right, take left to Nagewadi. Proceed to Limb village. The road is muddy few kms after Limb.

After visiting Nandgiri fort we proceeded to Limb village off Nagewadi.
Built in 1646 by Sou Virubhai Bhosanle this historic well was said to provide water a huge amrai (Mango plantation) with its 12 moats. From the top all you see is few tiny walls and water channels.

But the as you approach the staircase you are struck by the grand entrance arch below the ground level. This arch leads to a lower plinth for fetching water. There are 2 beautiful carved flowers on either side of arch and gallery above.

The gallery is open both sides one inside the well and towards main entrance is actually a small palace complete with a place for throne.

A chor darwaja leads to this gallery.

The well is 110 feet deep, Octagonal in shape and around 50 feet in diameter.  The holes a clear indication fwhere moats were sued for pulling water.

After a hearty Thalpit @ Virangula again our usual fastfood joint we proceeded back to pune. We reached back by around 4.30 pm.