Base Village: Loni KalbhorDistance: 22 KMs from Pune
Route: Pune-Solapur Road
Time visited: Feb 2011
Time to see around: 0.5 hours max (You can relax and spend 2-3 hours easily)
How to visit: From Swargate hit Pune-Solapur highway. After the toll road starts at Loni, pass the HPCL main gate, on the left you would see MIT Vishwa Gurukul. You will have to cross a Bridge. As the Bridge ends take a right turn into the village. On left hand side as the divider ends is the Dutt Mandir. Take a right turn here and the bumpy road goes all out to Ramdara.

After visiting Bhuleshwar we headed back for Pune. The second agenda was visit to Ramdara. Ramdara is great quick getaway from hustle and bustle of the city.

The road is lonely 4-5 kms drive through tiny hamlets. The entire landscape again was rusty yellows. The road is all ups and down. After climbing a small mountain finally the Green bushy spot became clearly visible. 2-3 foreigners sped by on motor bikes...

At the entrance are dense shady huge trees. You can park car nicely there. A five minutes’ walk will reveal a beautiful temple surrounded by small lake and coconut trees. The green coloured water is full of algae but the calmly floating ducks and gentle breeze adds charm to peaceful tranquil.

The temple has beautiful idols of Lord Rama, Sita and Laxman. The huge nandi in the temple is beautifully crafted.

Could locate few ducks quacking merrily before they proceeded for swim in the hot weather. You can relax in the shady trees and munch on Bhel or Vadpav, the only food item that is probably sold here apart from Guavas. Best to carry your own food and water bottle.

On the way we bought a bagful of fresh onions from the farmers who were digging them up. Well that made my entire return journey slightly teary in spite of turning on AC...

While returning we caught glipses of beautiful enchanting colored flowers in the roadside nurseries. We were back home for a late lunch at 2/2.30 PM with wonderful memories to cherish.


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