Sarasgad Fort

Type : Hill forts
Grade: Medium
Base Village: Talai, Umbarwadi (Pali)
Distance: 115 KMs from Pune (35 Kms from Khopoli near Pali)
Time to reach to top : 1.5/2 Hours
Time visited: Aug 2010

Not much of historic information is available about this fort. This fort probably was used to keep a check on the surrounding regions.Shivaji Maharaj brought this fort under Swarajya aand later as under Bhor Sansthan. Sarasgad stretches out in the north-south direction, to the east of Pali. From both ends of the fort one can reach the top.

Well the plan was made for Sudhgad. We started at 6.30 AM from pune and reached Khopoli via expressway. After crossing Khopoli we took Road for Pali. The road is in very good condition but isnt that bad. The drive is pleasant though. Once you pass Jhambulwadi village the majestic Sarasgad with 4 subhuge pinnacles on the left beckons you.

After visiting Pali temple we had Mix wada sambar in nearby hotel.It was almost 10 AM. After enquiring about Sarasgad we decided to abandon sudhgad which was around 12 kms away and try Sarasgad instead. On further enquiry we came to know that the popular path to climb was from behind the Pali temple pond and there were close to 100 steps carved in stone but every step is one and half to two feet high and are very difficult to climb. This was a exhaustive way and more easy way was from Umbarwadi few kms on Khopoli road. We drove back to Umbarwadi and the a very small motorable road leads to a tribal village called Talai from MSEB office.

After parking our car we asked the locals if someone would accompany us. A local boy Nitin and his friend offered to help us. After walking back on the road to umbarwadi few meters hidden in the thick vegetation was the start of the trail. The trail slowly climbed to a flat patch
'pathar'. The high rocky boulders of the fort were clearly standing out. The whole area was covered with beautiful carpet of tiny yellow flowers.

Once you start climbing the last huge steep patch there are small steps but are mostly covered in grass shoots. The steps are not in clear alignment and now and then now and then you might loose the trail in the thick overgrown grass. Nitin our guide, guided us very skillfully through the treacherous slippery rocky patches.

The huge door and sturdy fence walls and buruj are awesome. Once you pass through the door you there is water storage right in front of you. Im not sure but probably this is the Dindi Darwaja. A small trail to right lead you to top probably ballekilla. We didnt explore the leftside which had some caves. It said they had capacity to accommodate large group. The way to the topmost pinnacle is steep patch with rock cut steps. The top is realatively small or rather seemed small in thick overgrown grass but the view was awesome.

There is temple of shiva right behind the pond. The view beneath would give you glimpse of pali village spread in beauty of surrounding lush green mountains. There is also a tomb of Shahapeer near by.

The overall view is picturesque. The white puffy clouds wander lazily over the gorgeous valley, the calm water continues to travel its destined journey from faraway blue mountains and the lush green tress basking in the bright warm sunlight.

From the other side you can see Korigad, Ghangad, Telbaillya walls.
We descended back in an hours time. The boys were so simple and it was anybodys guess that this areas was extremly backward. They demanded 20 Rs for the guiding us. A 100re note brought 100crore smile on thier face. After wishing them goodbye we started our journey back. A hearty yummy lunch at newly opened hotel in jambulwadi gave us all the energy.

It was wonderful trek and something that would be cherished forever.