Portland Japanese Garden

A picturesque experience filled with abundant tranquility, serenity and colorful blossom. This is something that you shoulhdnt really miss if you are visiting Portland.

The travel by Trimet Max to the downtown is extremely fast, smooth and very easy. With less than $3 you can zoom across the city. The Trimet stops at Oregon Zoo/Washinton Park. A lift will take you up 667 feet up somewhere on the mid of a huge mountain directly from the station. The station is sort of huge tunnel, with various kinds of information painted on walls and the basalt rock displayed in a long plastic pipe.

Once you are outside the lift a sculpture is again dedicated to information about the Huge Tunnels. The Zoo starts at the right hand side. The Trimet Bus would take you to Japanese Garden in less than $2 or you can simply walk down a 3 mile trail through the beautiful woods. We had a limited time and we choose the bus. The bus drops at a particular point from where you can take a free shuttle to the gate or simply climb few minutes through a nice trail in the gigantic trees. The ticket is $9.5 to the Garden.

Japanese garden essentially has 3 elements- Sand, Water and plants. Originally part of zoo the garden has been crafted without disturbing the natural habitat of huge old trees. There are five mini gardens- Flat, Stroll, Tea, Natural, Sand and Stone.

Once you enter the gate just around the corner is Flat Garden. It’s extremely beautiful with variety of charming flowers. Behind a house a group melodiously played Japanese drums.

A paper hat making activity was organized for the kids.

Down below is the abstract- Sand and Stone Garden. This looked more of an art with only rocks and white marble pieces around it. The circular motion around the rocks indicated that the white color was used a water. The lady guide explained the significance how these are usually near the monasteries. The moss was replacements for the plants.

The stroll garden had a beautiful waterfall and the upper pond was made as sort of magnificent lake. The kingfisher was enjoying seen sunbathing.

The end trail lead to the store which offered variety of Japanese items. We visited the international rose garden but the summer was yet to begun and hence the roses weren’t yet bloomed. We caught back the Trimet bus and then max to home.

Even the thoughts bring back the calmness and peace of mind.