Visapur is a huge fort built to gaurd Lohegad and should be one done in rains to enjoy it to fullest. Visapur and Lohagad are dual Forts situated near Lonavala near Malavli Railway Station, next to Bhaje caves. Usually Lohagad is visited more often than Visapur Fort. Shivaji Maharaj captured almost all the forts in this region till 1660. However, he lost the fort again to Mughals in the treaty of Purandar in 1665.The British troops in 1818 had bombarded Lohgadh continously from large canons on Visapur, forcing the Marathas to leave the fort and both forts felled into hands of British.
How to reach from Pune: Travel by Old Mumbai-Pune Highway and then take a turn to Malavali or Travel by Local train and get down at Malavali Railway station. Malavali is around 70 Kms from Pune and a stop just before Lonavala. Cross the Railway lines and follow the road on expressway overbrigde to village. You will need to park your vechicles here.
This was second time I was visiting in monsoon. It was a corporate trek and we had been there with a private bus. We started late around 7.30 and had breakfast at Malavali.

A steady climb along the long well built road of just small rocks (non motorable) will take you to junction of lohegad and Visapur. The Visapur stands on the left and you will see majestic Lohegaod in front of you.

After taking the turn for Vispaur you have to almost follow the traverse at the base and the fort appears like huge wall to your left. In monsoons you would see 3-4 waterfalls from the top of the fort and is a amazing view.
The trail through green grass leads you to small elephant statue which indicates you have to turn on left inside the thick bushes. The path now goes through a gushing waterfall which starts from the top of the fort.
The most memorable climb of around 0.5 hrs is through huge boulders bathing in enthusiatic joyful hurrying water desperate reach the streams below. From the base village to top fort will almost take you more than 2 hours depending on climate.
The top area is huge and strong well built fortifications are still intact. Two roofless buildings/house surrounded by outer or veranda walls said to have once been Government offices. It takes us more than two hours to walk along the fortifications.
This time since we were running short of time we immediately returned to the base. We came back to Pune by 8 PM.
- July 20, 2009.