Last week we decided to cover amazing places around Satara. We visited Sajjangad, Thoseghar, Chalakewadi, Kaas and Bamnoli. We started a bit late by 6.40 AM this time and after Vadpav at Shirval we preceded towards Satara. After crossing the Tunnel we proceeded to Sajjangad.


Sajjangad is the place of spiritual importance and final resting place of Sant Ramdas, a saint and social reformer in 16th century. Previously known as Parali, it was renamed to Sajjangad after Shivaji Maharaj donated it to Sant Ramdas to set up his permanent monastery. Currently care is taken by Shri Ramdas Swami Sansthan trust.

There is small village on the fort with few shop selling books and other articles and temples of 'Samarth Shishya' and Bhaktanivas. Right next to the main temple is 'Samartha shejghar' where few items are displayed used by Swami Ramdas. Ram mandir has Samadhi of Shri ramdas swami. After a 10m minutes walk after the temple you get see amazing view of Urmodi dam beneath.

How to reach: Take a right into Satara, continue to Ajinkyatara, cross the Tunnel (Bogda as it is called) and continue towards Thoseghar. Sajjangad is situated around 15 kms from Satara. On the way you will notice a sharp right turn going up the fort. 10 minutes road will lead you to the cark park. You can park vehicle here and a flight of around 100 stairs will take you to the top.

Further down 8-10 kms from sajjangad is amazing waterfall called Thoseghar, a very famous spot for nature’s extravaganza in its true meaning. Two huge waterfalls on Tarali River gush into the valley in the calmness of green.

Even eagles wander down this gorge to see super white foamy water, to soak in the thousands of rebounded water droplets and hear the amazing sound of water falling. It is said that the main waterfall is 500 meter high. There is a forest department office here, with a space for car park. The forest department has put up railings and a balcony as such to enjoy the sight. There are 2 spots to view as such. A 10 minutes walk along the muddy trail next to forest department office will lead you to balcony allowing a spectacular view of both the waterfalls and the entire gorge. Continue railing on the right to the top of the first waterfall. You can climb further upstream from here. There are leeches out here, so venturing into any bushes or water might prove risky. Best time to visit is of course monsoon!


Chalkewadi is famous for wind energy farm. It is just 3 kms kilometers further uphill from thoseghar waterfall. Cross the chalakewadi village and still drive few yards uphill. You will see lot of windmill here. In the monsoon, the area is covered with fog and mist. You can go very closely and feel the giganticness of a windmill and hear the swoosh of the rotating blades.

We procceded for Kaas.
Route: Satara-Tunnel near Ajinkyatara-Sajjangad-Thoseghar-Chalakewadi-Tunnel near Ajinkyatara- Kaas Plateau-Kaas Lake-Bamnoli. Total distance is 120+ kms starting from Satara.

- Sept 06, 2009


  1. Hi Sumit,
    Great travel stories on your blog here. It would be even more useful for visitors if you could provide route maps for the places you've visited - especially for the ones like Thosheghar waterfall which are lesser known.
    Do try to create routes on the map at, you can create auto routes for road trips and manually mark waypoints if the route is off-road. Do have a look!
    Once a route is created, you can embed it as a map or as a picture on your blog.

  2. Hey thanx man it was of great help
    Been to sajjangadh once but had hired a vehical.
    this time i plan to go alone u think its safe?


  3. Its a safe place. If you are planning to visit before mid october, I would suggest to visit Kaas too. Both can be done in one day. Read my blog on Kaas.


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