Jadhavgad- Kamat Hotel

A 300-year-old almost a ground fort near Saswad, around 25km from Pune, Jadhavgad seems to be a pleasant surprize package to old and young alike.

Pilaji Jadhavrao had built Fort Jadhavgadh in Jadhavwadi as a place of residence as well as a safe haven when being attacked by enemies. Shahuji Maharaj had entrusted Pilaji Jadhavrao to, gather able men across Jadhavgadhi and Saswad area, train them to fight, reunite the forces to fight against the Mughals during the troubled times of Marathas. It was due to heroic efforts of men like Pilaji Jadhavrao that Chatrapati Shahuji finally sat on the throne and later governed with the help of his loyal Peshwas.

Jadhavgad now taken over by Kamat group of hotels, they have truly recreated the pages of history of Martha Era. The attendants smartly dressed like mavalas on the front door and the receptionist in traditional Navaris greet you warmly.

As you enter the fort gate and pass the pathways you are completely spellbound by the mysterious charm of this place. A day trip is offered at 500 Rs per person covers entry to museum and guided tour to hotel property and can be redeemed at hotel restaurants.

Since we werent really prepared after the trek to dine in the five star restaurant we decided to just visit the the musem built around ghodshala charged at 20 Rs per person.

The museum comprising Vithal Kamat’s personal collection called AAI dedicated to the memories of his mother. This two level museum has collection of the traditional artifacts, jewelry and houehold utensils. The tanjavar murals, huge pots and carved wooden doors make this place a truly worth visit.

-July 11, 2009


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