Karnataka: Dandeli

December 2005
Karnataka circuit- 14 Days, 2250 Kms by car

Places covered
Hampi Circuit
Sharvanbelgaon circuit
Karnataka Jain Circuit
Costal Karnataka

December 15, 2005, Thursday: Dandeli (93 Kms)We decided to take road through Dandeli to Belgaum. Well Dandeli was not a planned visit and I had decided if we do find a good place then only we would stay back. Luck was on our side.

In afternoon we came across awesome KTDC resort right in the heart of Jungle - a place called

Kulgi Nature Camp is located at a distance of around 14 km from the Dandeli National Park. This camp has small museum, nature interpretation centre. It is located on the Ambika Nagar- Yellapur Road.

It has beautiful tents – not swiss tents but pretty similar. The interiors were very pleasant- with coir matting, two clean beds and chairs. The restrooms were common and located slightly away. The management couple was very helpful. We were the only ones staying for that night in the whole camp of 15 tents. Seemed bit scary at first...

In the evening we took a safari ride. Saw bison, junglee hen, deers, monkeys and few birds in or 3 hours ride. Its very thick forest, tall trees, very well preserved. The temperature dropped in the evening and it was chilling. Had hot pithali-bhakri, first maharashtrian lunch in the trip after long time., first time ever we started our picnic.

It is said that the cave with Shivalinga-like laterite formations is also well worth a visit but could not get a chance to visit.

December 16, 2005, Friday: Belgaum (80 Kms)On 16 the morning we started for Belgaum. Had flat tyre in the resort itself. After changing the tyre we proceeded to Belgaum. Reached in the afternoon. We chose to stay on Poona highway. After some shopping, went to Maruti service station in the evening to check the damage. They assured me everything was okay and need not worry about oil tank etc.

December 17, 2005, Saturday: Pune (336 Kms)Drove back via  Karad. Reached pune in the afternoon.

It was awesome trip that would be cherished forever!!!