Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dhotri Fort

Type: Land Fort- Gadhi
Base Village: Dhotri
Where: 270 Kms from Pune, 25 Kms from Solapur
Route Taken: Pune-Solapur-Dhotri (Take Solapur-Hannur internal road, off Solapur-Hyderabad expressway)
Time visited: Jan 2014Time to see: 0.5 hrs.
Food/Water:  Food/Stay is available only at Solapur.
Parking: Park your vehicle near the Main entrance (Gav- Ves). It’s a 5 min walk through narrow lanes till the entrance of the fort.

Well this might not be a really a worth effort to go explicitly to this place unless you are either really enthusiastic about historical places OR you are travelling in interiors of Solapur. For me it was both and hence decided to take a look at this unknown place.  Things to see are a Dry well, A store room beneath the South Bastion and a stupendous curved staircase.

Main Courtyard

Huge courtyard in the center and the expanse of the fort in the left (as seen from above)

The most interesting feature is curved staircase on the south Bastion.

There is small door on the right that open in huge area. Just on the left the entrance to the staircase to south bastion is hidden in the bushes. You will need to climb down slowly...

The Staircase

While coming down

While coming down- further below

The Panorama of the village from the Top

Fortification seems to be of thick Stone and Mud Walls